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Jordan Klassen

Jordan Klassen

Chilliwack, BC

About me:

My story may be different than others, yet relatable to most. I didn’t grow up fishing other than a few times here and there with family and friends. I lived a reckless live fast die young lifestyle in my 20’s until I finally hit my rock bottom in 2014. This is when I decided to get clean and sober and leave the party life behind. I needed a hobby to keep myself sober, I needed to find serenity, I needed to find a way to connect and escape at the same time.

It all started for me when I went camping with my wife’s family at Arrow Lakes, her dad took me lake fishing one morning where I caught my very first fish as an adult. I will never forget that day, the 12” rainbow trout was nothing to write home about but the feeling of accomplishment from selecting a lure and learning to distinguish a vibrating tin boat from a fish biting kept my eyes glued to that rod tip and spending time with someone on a boat in the middle of a lake on a beautiful day – I was hooked. Sensing my addictive personality kicking in I decided from then on out that my hobby of choice would be fishing. I would study fish, their habits, water and weather conditions lures and anything else to give me an upper hand in catching fish.

On my 30th birthday and 1 year of sobriety I received a gift from my wife that her dad helped fix up, a 12’ Alaskan SmokerCraft Tin boat. I was floored. It was perfect, I had freedom and a new tool in my arsenal to target fish in a new way. Aside from fishing lakes all over British Columbia I live very close to the Chilliwack/Vedder and Fraser River where I target Salmon, Trout, Sturgeon and Steelhead while wading kilometres of these rivers and other surrounding tributaries.

Fishing for me grew quickly from a hobby to a life saving lifestyle, where I’ve met my best friends, connected with communities, with extended family that fish, and it continues to teach me lessons beyond the catch. I am so thankful for the opportunities I have been given, the adventures I have gone on the many places I have yet to explore and the friends I still have yet to meet. " If you get the chance to go fishing, go fishing."

Favorite Gibbs-Delta Product:

For river fishing my go to lures are Gibbs Koho, Kit-a-Mat and Ironhead Spoons as well as Zak Twitching Jigs. For lake fishing I really enjoy fishing a variety, from Wedding Bands, FST’s, Dogtail Dodgers, Hootchies, Bling Blades, Gang Trolls, Mini G’s all the way up to 6” G Force spoons.

I keep an open mind and switch out gear often, so it really is hard to pick a favourite since there are a lot of different species that prefer different Lures, so it’s really up to the fish. But one thing is for sure, Gibbs Delta has it all.

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  • Kit-A-Mat
  • Dog Tail Dodger
  • Bling Blade
  • G Force