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Rob Bosy

Rob Bosy

About me:

From a young age I grew up living an outdoor lifestyle travelling and camping with my family from East coast to West coast and always casting a line in between. My grandfather was an avid river fisherman, so between travelling and camping on local campgrounds and lakes with my grandparents, my interest in multi-species angling would continue to grow year after year. In my early 20's, my passion took a turn to focus primarily on big water chinook salmon and have never looked back. I fish all tournaments and derbies on the north shore of Lake Ontario and also volunteer with Metro East Anglers at our local hatchery.

Favorite Gibbs-Delta Product:

With a wide selection of big fish go to's, it's hard to pick just one. That being said, there is never a day where i'm not pulling an OKi Kingfisher or Big Shooter paddle paired with a Rhys Davis teaser head.

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  • Kingfisher II
  • Big Shooter - Betsy
  • Bulletroll