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Bon Chovy

Bon Chovy


About us:

Jason Assonitis has been a professional salmon fishing guide for 20 plus years. His desire to experience the vast range in British Columbia’s coastal fishing has led him all over the B.C. coast chasing salmon. His extensive time on the water has allowed him to fish and guide some of the most productive and remote areas on the Coast. With his partner Jeff Copeland, they started Bon Chovy Fishing Charters in 2006 and now own and operate Vancouver’s busiest fishing charter company. There are few anglers in Vancouver that spend more time fishing local waters than Jason.

Favorite Gibbs-Delta Product:

Jason’s go to salmon set up in the winter and spring is the Guide Series Green Blade Lemon Lime Flasher and a Bon Chovy G Force Spoon. In the summer and fall he is always running a Gibbs Bon Chovy Guide Series Flasher and Rhys Davis Chartruese Spackle teaser head with a nicely rolled anchovy.

Jeff loves to run Hootchies and Gibbs Skinny G’s. His go to combos are:

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  • Highliner Guide Series - Lemon...
  • Anchovy Special - UV + Clear
  • G Force
  • Skinny G