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Free Shipping on Orders over $99* (Stinger Brand Excluded)
Cam Reid
Cam Reid - Coastal Springs Float Lodge

Cam Reid is the owner of Coastal Springs Float Lodge, a small floating fishing lodge at the mouth of Knight Inlet.  The lodge has been in operation since 1977 and has maintained its excellent reputation as a truly classic location with some of the best guides on the coast.  Cam has lived on the lodge in some capacity since he was born and started guiding at 16 years old.  He has been on the water for the 18 years since.  He was taught by his father as well as a long line of guides that have come through his life over the past decades since.

Coastal Springs offers a huge variety including salmon, halibut, prawning, and crabbing, as well as world class wildlife viewing and other ways of connecting people with the coast.  Sharing our incredible part of the world is all we want to do.
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