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Free Shipping on Orders over $99* (Stinger Brand Excluded)
Bite Me Too Sportfishing
Bite Me Too Sportfishing

About us:

I've been fishing the east and west end of Lake Ontario for the past 20 years. I'm a certified guide and operate a charter business called "Bite Me Too Sportfishing" based out of Oakville, Ontario.

My love of fishing and the great outdoors is a direct result of my upbringing and my shared time on the water with family and friends. You could say that fishing is in my genes. My grandfather and dad are both responsible for putting a fishing rod in my hands at a very early age. They were my first teachers and instilled in me a passion for the sport and a respect for the fish.

I consider myself a steward of the fantastic fishery I've grown up with and continue to enjoy on the Great Lakes. It's such a privilege to do what I love and to share my passion for fishing with others on a regular basis. I'm a firm believer in giving back.

I am an active participant in our local salmon penning efforts, which will help preserve this incredible fishery for the next generation of fishermen/fisherwomen. I maintain a close working relationship with our provincial Ministry of Natural Resources and provide them with tangible evidence of their conservation success through catches I have made and documented.

Personally, I practice "catch and release" to preserve spawning stock whenever possible and I routinely donate my tournament catch to our local food banks. Being a certified guide has been particularly rewarding as it not only allows me to share what I've learned with others but also to witness their excitement during the catch. It never gets old. It only gets better. Let's go fishing!

Favorite Gibbs Fishing Product:

- I love the (4) blade inline flashers, I always run at least one on one of my downriggers at all times! My flasher of choice for Great Lakes Salmon and Trout is the Oki Kingfisher 2. My favorite patterns are: Footloose, Glow Herring Aid, Black Onyx and Casper Glow.

I also have great success with the Gibbs Big Shooter Paddle in UV Lemon Lime Guide series and Herring Aid patterns. I typically pair these with Rhys Davis Anchovy special teaser heads in a variety of colors including: watermelon glow, chrome purple black, chrome army truck, glow splatter green and herring aid patterns. Oh, and I never leave home without my Rhys Davis Big Bite herring strips.

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