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GREAT FOR: Kokanee, Pike, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, and Walleye

Constructed of heavy gauge brass, for casting accuracy and control, the Gibbs Croc is ideal for rivers, streams and lakes. Even in fast, deep water, the Croc gets down to where the fish are. Designed with an enticing frantic motion at any retrieval speed, it's simply impossible for fish to resist!

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Super Nugget

Colour · Brass Fire Stripe
Size · 1/8 oz
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The Gibbs Fishing Philosophy

We all need to simply unplug and reconnect with the natural wonders that surround us. We believe while fishing time slows down, the world falls away and you truly begin to experience and appreciate your physical environment…and whoever you’re sharing it with. We communicate with each other….in-person. Even if we’re not saying a word. That is a meaningful connection. Then, by all means, plug yourself back in and share your story…we would love to experience it.