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Downrigger Harness
Downrigger Harness
Downrigger Harness
Lighthouse Lures

Downrigger Harness

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The Lighthouse Lures Guide Pro Series Heavy Duty Downrigger Harness is made in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island by a very prominent West Coast fishing guide of 28 years. This is the evolution of the tuna cord version and is made from 400lbs Mono which offers medium stretch, less drag and is extremely durable. This product has been tested for 2 years before coming to market. Each unit is meticulously made by Guide Pro standards. The Downrigger Harness comes in 3 sizes and are colour coded. Red is the 6ft version for a 30" Boom, Black is the 8ft version for a 60" Boom and Blue is the 14ft version which can handle multiple rods on each side. For use with any auto stop downrigger. The harness will automatically stop the downrigger when it senses the first large crimp on the Harness. Made in Canada.

  • Ocean
  • Lake
  • Trolling
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